About Us


Federation of Nepalese Agriculture Journalist (NFAJ) is a common organization of journalists working on agriculture sector among various main stream national/international media including broadsheet daily newspapers, FM, radio, television, online news portals, news agencies and freelancers. The organization is registered at the Company Registrar Office, Kathmandu, Nepal as a non-profit making social organization.

The NFAJ is a collaborative agricultural media organization. It is formed among three different agricultural journalist associations names;

  • - Nepal Agricultural Journalists Academy (JONAA)
  • - Agricultural Journalists Society Nepal (SAJ)
  • - Agricultural Communication Society

As working on the same mission and objectives, above mentioned agricultural journalist association came to negotiate and decided to merge on a single federation as the Federation of Nepalese Agriculture Journalist (NFAJ).


Freedom of the press

The Federation of Nepalese Agriculture Journalist (NFAJ) is an autonomous body corporate, non-profit making, non-political and non-governmental social organization, with perpetual succession.

Its main motto is the work and operate various activities concerning to Right to Agriculture, Right to Consumer and Right to Freedom of the Press.

As the Constitution of Nepal, 2015, the people of Nepal have already accepted the Right to Press Freedom in the constitution. Thus, the entire team of this Federation of Nepalese Agriculture Journalist (NFAJ) also declared to follow and support for Right of Freedom of the Press as of Nepalese constitution and commitment as an agricultural journalist.