NFAJ Activities

The slogan of Nepal Agriculture Journalist (NFAJ) is “Media Campaign for Agriculture Development.” To acquire its objectives, we have made a list of activities as below:

  1. Spotlight by producing news, notice and other information required for promotion and development of agriculture sector through national broadsheet daily newspaper, magazine, radio, television, internet, online and other mean of media.
  2. Collective media advocacy on behalf of agricultural entrepreneurs, agricultural farms, agricultural companies, organizations.
  3. Making agricultural journalism a social, ethical and organized manner.
  4. Networking among national and international agricultural journalists through seminar, congress and several interactive programs.
  5. Advocacy to solve challenges among farmers, consumers, governmental and non-governmental organization through several activities.
  6. Disseminating information for agriculture, forestry, livestock, and modernization of agriculture, farmer friendly technology and linkage to agricultural markets through audio-video production.
  7. To run necessary programs for increment of skill, efficiency and ability of the journalist and for professional right in collaboration with local, provincial and federal organizations. Also, networking all agricultural journalists among all regional, international and local levels.
  8. Promoting cooperative farming, agricultural product’s quality and organic farming through media advocacy to access Nepalese agricultural products among international markets.
  9. Play role to disseminating good local and international agricultural practices through media advocacy among Nepalese rural farmers and the governmental bodies to contribute to enhance self-sustained on agriculture for the country.
  10. Establishing health fund for medical assistance and insurance for the agricultural journalists with the help of governmental bodies.
  11. Organizing meeting, gathering, conference, seminar, interaction, training, public debate and other constructive activities related to agriculture sector.
  12. Publishing and broadcast research-oriented news and materials on agriculture sector in different newspapers, radio, television and online news portals.
  13. Raising issues of concerned stakeholders carrying out studies and researches on various aspects of agriculture.
  14. Capacity enhancement trainings and other activities by organizing the journalists working on agriculture beat.
  15. Facilitate and award best agriculture journalists, experts and farmers in their respective profession.
  16. Working together, hold dialogue and interactions with the government and non-government organization working in the agriculture sector.
  17. Lobbying for the necessary policy formulation for the development of agriculture sector;
  18. Sharing and exchanging the technical know-how with the national and international organizations;
  19. To work for the rights and professional security of journalists working in agriculture.
  20. To advocate and operate campaigns for the right to press freedom.
  21. Establishing fund to operate several activities for the development of agricultural journalism and interaction among concerned authorities to tackle possible issues and challenges.
  22. Leading to protect right, continuity and security for agricultural journalisms and media houses’ challenges.
  23. Participating for several activities to achieve goal as mentioned above objectives.
  24. Collaborating same vision and motto’s national and international personals, firms, companies or organizations to operate programs and activities.
  25. Conducting an insurance program for own and its members.

Participating and organizing seminar, conference, exhibitions, speech, discussion and such creative activities according to the objectives of the of organization.