NFAJ Membership

The Federation of Nepalese Agriculture Journalist is common forum for any agricultural communicator. Having a its membership is always welcomed; but one should fulfill the conditions and possess the qualifications prescribed in its requirement to be the member of the organization.

The membership of the organization may be renewed by the by paying the fees referred by the organization.  Membership is categorized as below:


  1. Ordinary member

Any Nepalese citizen shall get an ordinary membership in accordance with the prescribed procedures.


  1. Founder Member

The office-bearers of the ad hoc committee at the time of registration of this organization shall be founder members. The founder members shall obtain ordinary or life-long membership and pay the fees as referred to in this statute. The founder members could be the member of lifelong advisory committee.


  1. Life-long Member

Those persons who special contribute to the organization could be the life-long member in accordance with prescribed procedures.


  1. Honorary Member

The General Assembly may, by its decision, grant honorary membership to a renowned social worker, Nepalese citizen or foreigners could be the honorary member. Provided, however, that the honorary members shall not have voting right.


Restriction and Termination  

The membership of NFAJ may never be transferred by any means.

The membership shall not remain on the following conditions;


  • In case of resignation from the membership of the organization.
  • In case of death of the member of the organization.
  • In case of obtain of membership by anybody corporate to the organization and if such body corporate liquidates or be amalgamated to other body corporate.
  • If member of the organization be insolvent.
  • In case of disqualification according to the prevailing law of member of the organization.

Except in the condition of written acceptance by any member, no member shall be responsible in the debt or liability of this organization.